The XXVEN-SPQ will be held in the beautiful city of Lisbon at the Pharmacy Faculty of the Lisbon University from 16-19 of July of 2017.
This will be a unique event that will bring together the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) to celebrate the XXV edition of SPQ National Meetings.
Under the general theme of Chemistry in Action, the XXV-EN will have an exciting scientific program lead by renowned international experts, which will focus on the central role of chemistry in solving fundamental problems of modern societies at the interface of biology, material and environmental sciences.
Lisbon is a historic capital full of charm, where more than 800 years of cultural influences blend with modern trends and life styles. It is therefore, the perfect place to receive you all and engage in a fruitful scientific discussion.

Welcome to Lisbon,
Artur Silva
President of the Portuguese Chemical Society


Poster Presentations

Five poster sessions will be held in the congress, giving the opportunity for exchange of ideas and networking between all the congress participants.

  • Poster Session 1 and 2, Health Challenges; HC1 to HC116 (10:40-11:40 and 17:00-17:20, 17th July)
  • Poster Session 3 and 4, Material Challenges: MC1 to MC98 (10:40-11:40 and 17:00-17:20, 18th July)
  • Poster Session 5, Environmental, Industry and Teaching Challenges: EC1-45, IC46-57 and TC58-61 (10:40-11:40 and 17:00-17:20, 19th July)
The maximum size for the posters is 120x90 cm.

The posters should be placed before 10:00 of the corresponding day and should be removed until 20:00

Flash Communication

Time: 10 minutes - includes 1 minute for questions.

Dinner :: 18 July

Entries for the conference dinner on July 18 are closed.

Book of Abstracts

Book of Abstracts (PDF - 17MB)

Final Detailed Program

Final Detailed Program

Confirmed Speakers

João Rocha,
Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal - Prémio Ferreira da Silva - 2016
"The Joy of Science: Personal Account" - "On the Road again, Goin' places that I've never been’: a personal account of a journey in Materials Chemistry"

Adrián Silva,
Universidade do Porto, Portugal - Medalha Vicente de Seabra - 2016
"A catalysis journey: breaking bonds for clean water"

Health Challenges

Ben Davis,
University of Oxford, UK
"Sugars & proteins: towards a synthetic biology"

Herbert Waldmann,
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Alemanha
"Biologically Relevant Small Molecules for Perturbation of Protein Function Chemotype – Phenotype - Target "
Rui Moreira,
Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
"Lead discovery for infectious diseases of the developing world: chemistry to unravel a black box "
Stephen Caddick,
University College London, UK
"Chemical modification of proteins and antibodies"
Antonello Mai,
Sapienza Università di Roma, Itália
"Sirtuins: To Activate or Not To Activate, That is the Question "

Material Challenges

Stefan Matile,
University of Geneva, Suiça
"Functional Supramolecular Chemistry"

João Mano,
Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
"Nano-multilayered polymeric systems in the development of new biomedical devices"
Erwin Reisner,
University of Cambridge, UK
"Semi-artificial Photosynthesis"

Environmental Challenges

David Milstein,
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
"Design and Applications of Sustainable Catalytic Reactions for Synthesis and Energy "

Armando Pombeiro,
Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
"Inert Alkanes as Potential Feedstocks for Synthesis? "
Paul Chirik,
Princeton University, USA
"Catalysis with Earth Abundant Transition Metals "
Antonio Echavarren,
ICIQ, Espanha
"Gold-Catalysis for the Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products "


Scientific Committee

Chairman: Artur Silva (UA)- SPQ President
Carlos Afonso (UL) - Coordinator
Pedro Gois (UL) - Coordinator
Armando Pombeiro (UL)
Baltazar Manuel Romão de Castro (UP)
Fernanda Proença (UM)
João Rocha (UA)
João Sérgio Seixas de Melo (UC)
João Paulo André (UM)
José Luís Costa Lima (UP)
José Luís Figueiredo (UP)
Manuela R. Carrott (UEvora)
Maria Clara Magalhães (UA)
Mário Nuno Berberan Santos (UL)
Mariette M. Pereira (UC)
Verónica de Zea Bermudez (UTAD)
Vitor Freitas (UP)

Local Organizing Committee

Carlos Afonso (UL) - Coordinator
Pedro Gois (UL) - Coordinator
Gonçalo Bernardes (IMM)
Maria M. M. Santos
Rita Guedes
Ana Ressurreição
Hélio Faustino
Cátia Carvalho
Andreia Rosatella
Filipa Siopa
Carlos Monteiro
Fábio Santos
João António
Roberto Russo
Silvia Baldo
Maria José Silva
Joana Carvalho
Ricardo Lopes
Margarida Espadinha
Rafael Gomes
João Ravasco
Lídia Cavaca
Raquel Teixeira

National Organizing Committee

Chairman: Artur M. Soares Silva (UA) - SPQ President
Joaquim Faria (UP) - SPQ Vice-President
Adelino Leitão de Moura Galvão (UL) - SPQ General Secretary
Carlos Afonso (UL) - Coordinator
Pedro Gois (UL) - Coordinator
Augusto Costa Tomé (UA)
Carla Susana Lopes Morais (UP)
Marcela Alves Segundo (UP)
Maria da Conceição Rangel (UP)
João Carlos Pereira Peres Brandão (UAlG)
Hélder Teixeira Gomes (IPB)
Teresa Pinho e Melo (UC)
Maria Matilde Soares Duarte Marques (UL)
Sofia Rocha Pauleta (UNL)
Armando L. Pombeiro (UL)
Teresa Duarte (UL)
João Miguel Alves da Silva (ISEL)
Cláudio M. Soares (ITQB)
M. Rui Alves (IPVC)
Ana Ponces Freire (UL)
Maria João Romão (UNL)
Rui M. Antunes (IPS)

Secretariat - SPQ

Cristina Campos
Leonardo Mendes


Registration Fees

Until 20 of May(€) After 20 of May (€)
SPQ member Non SPQ member SPQ member Non SPQ member
Academic and Industry affiliated registration 170 210 270 310
Student registration - Post-Doc 100 130 200 230
Student registration - PhD / Non-doctoral fellows 90 120 190 220
Student registration - Master&undergraduate 60 90 160 190
Non presenting undergraduate students 30 35 40 45
Dinner & Sunset - 18 de July (closed) 35 35 35 35

Students must attach a proof (student card or other) when paying the registration fee
The fellows must prove their situation when paying the registration fee.

Registration Fees Secondary Teacher

# Until 20 of May(€) After 20 of May (€)
SPQ member non-member SPQ member non-member
Secondary Teacher - All days * 100 130 200 230
Secondary Teacher - one day (19 july) * 35 45 45 55
Jantar do Congresso & Sunset - 18 de July 35 35 35 35

A ação de Formação: "Os novos desafios do Ensino da Química" - ação acreditada com 12,5 horas: CCPFC/ACC - 91599/17

Conference registration (except for accompanying persons) includes:

  • Access to all sessions of the scientific program
  • Admission to the welcome reception on Sunday, 16th of July, 2017
  • One e-copy of the conference abstracts book
  • Coffee breaks and refreshments
  • Non SPQ members will be offered one year membership upon registration

Payment Information
Payment will be via VISA or bank transfer.

    Bank Transfer
    Titular: Sociedade Portuguesa de Química
    Bank/Banco: Millennium BCP (Lisboa, Pt)
    IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4534 5670 6780 5

Registration Steps for abstract(s) submission


Each registered participant will be entitled to submit up to 1 abstracts, for a poster or an oral presentation. However, only one abstract will be considered for oral or flash presentation.

The meeting’s official language will be English

Abstracts should be submitted via the SPQ registration site. Please, log in using the login and the password provided during the registration process and then proceed with "abstract submission". Please use the Microsoft Word file Abstract Template.

The abstract must not exceed one A4 page. Decision between poster and oral communications will be made by the scientific committee upon evaluation of the submitted abstracts. The abstract file should be saved as follows: name_surname_poster.doc or name_surname_oral.doc (or docx in either case).

The deadline for receipt abstracts has been extended until the 20 May, 2017

Accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts (only abstracts of registered participants will be included).

Please make sure your abstract does not contain any spelling or grammar mistakes, as it will be reproduced as submitted. When submitting your abstract, choose the most relevant topic. However, the Organising Committee reserves the right to decide on a final topic assignment upon abstract selection.

Important Dates

  • Registration without discount: 20th May 2017

  • The Deadline for receipt of poster/oral abstracts: 20th May 2017 new date


The conference venue will be at the Pharmacy Faculty of the Lisbon University.

    Faculdade de Farmácia da UL
    Av. Prof. Gama Pinto
    1649-003 Lisboa – Portugal
    Phone: 217946400
    Fax: 217946470

Social Program

17 July :: Street Food & Drinks
with the participation of:

To enjoy the hot July nights of Lisbon, on the 17th we will pep the Street Food Fest zone with music and drinks to relax and socialize!!


Legend Hot Dog

Pascoalini Geladaria

Kürtös Kalács

by Transylvania-Street Food

During the conference

Menu Average Price €

Street Food Fest

Coal Hamburger’s
Piadina (vegetarian option)
Sweet Corn
Crepes and Waffles
Legend Hot Dog Hot Dogs (Soey option)
Kürtös Kalács by Transylvania-Street Food Kürtös (Salmon, chicken)
Kürtös Kalács (nut and almond cakes)
Pascoalini Geladaria Homemade Ice Cream 2-4
FFUL bar (3 options) Soup, main dish and desert 4-6
Faculdade de Medicina Dentária Soup, main dish and desert 5-6

18 July :: Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place in the Mundial Hotel 4* in Praça Martim Moniz in the center of Lisbon. Before dinner we will have a Sunset Party in the Rooftop Bar & Lounge of the Hotel, that is considered one of the best Rooftop Bars in Lisbon and with a stunning 360º view over the historical center of Lisbon and the Tejo River.

The event will cost 35.00 euros and includes the dinner, you may check the menu here, and one drink in the Sunset Party

Menu Restaurant Rooftop Bar & Lounge


In order to have the discount, in the reservation, please mention you will participate in the XXV Encontro Nacional da Sociedade Portuguesa de Química.
BB: bed and breakfast; B: bed.

Hotel Suggestions located
close to FFUL where the meeting will take place:

Hotel Email Single (€) Doble (€)
VIP Grand Hotel and SPA ***** hotelviplisboa@viphotels.com BB 87 BB 97

Sana Metropolitan **** sanametropolitan@sanahotels.com BB 90 BB 100
The participants must complete the attached form to make reservation

Hotel 3K Europa **** geral@hotel3keuropa.pt BB 70 BB 80
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is: XXVENSPQ

Turim Ibéria **** turimeuropahotel@turimhoteis.com BB 65 BB 70
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

VipinnBerna *** hotelberna@viphotels.com B 53 B 59

VIP executive Zurique *** hotelzurique@viphotels.com B 55 B 62

Hotel Suggestions located in the
Historic Centre:

Hotel Email Doble (€) Dorms (€)
The Independente reservations@theindependente.pt B 100 B (€18/PP)

Shiado Hostel shiado.hostel@gmail.com
10% discount on bookings made on our site (and only through our website) by placing the code (XXVENSPQ)

Hotel Suggestions located in the
City Centre:

Hotel Email Single (€) Doble (€)
Turim Restauradores Hotel *** turimrestauradoreshotel@turimhoteis.com BB 70 BB 80
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

Turim Alameda **** turimalamedahotel@turimhoteis.com BB 65 BB 70
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

Turim Lisboa Hotel**** turimlisboahotel@turimhoteis.com BB 65 BB 70
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

Turim Europa **** turimeuropahotel@turimhoteis.com BB 65 BB 70
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

Turim Saldanha Hotel **** turimsaldanhahotel@turimhoteis.com BB 70 BB 75
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

Turim Av. da Liberdade **** turimavliberdadehotel@turimhoteis.com BB 75 BB 85
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

Turim Terreiro do Paço **** turimterreirodopacohotel@turimhoteis.com BB 125 BB 135
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

Sana Reno *** sanareno@sanahotels.com BB 110 BB 120

LUXE Hotel by TurimHotéis *** luxehotel@turimhoteis.com BB 55 BB 60
The code for direct bookings on the hotel website is ENSPQ2017

City taxes not included: according to the regulations of the Municipality of Lisbon into force from 1st January 2016, will be due an Overnight Tax of 1€ per night / per guest over 12 years, up to 7 nights stay, per person.


SPQ - Sociedade Portuguesa de Química - Secretariat/Payments/Invoicing

    Av. da República, 45 - 3º Esq.
    1050 - 187 Lisboa

    (+351) 217 934 637 9h30-17h

General Information - Organization & program